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The best methods for marketing through Linkedin

Individuals are trying to achieve their goals through marketing, and we find that marketing methods are diverse and the most important of them has become “LinkedIn”, due to the presence of 61 million high-profile influencers and 40 million decision-makers on LinkedIn, which makes it the best for marketing.

There are many and varied methods of marketing through LinkedIn, the most important of which are:

Content preparation:
We find that the best marketing methods at the present time on LinkedIn is the preparation of content, as LinkedIn is the best in providing content, and based on it a study conducted confirmed that 91% of marketing managers confirm that LinkedIn is the best place to obtain high-quality content, so Individuals should pay attention to developing influential content through which they can be marketed for the different work and tasks that the individual does, as decision makers can access your content, as 45% of LinkedIn readers are decision makers.

We find that the best content that can be shared via Linkedin is the long article due to the high rate of participation compared to the small article, and we find that the most content participation is the employees at a rate of 14 times the employers, according to what one of the statistical studies found

It is preferable that the article contains a number of graphs as they help in more interaction, so attention should be paid to the number of content on LinkedIn

Expand your LinkedIn network:
Where one study confirmed that 80% of potential customers come through Linkedin, so the individual should expand his network of relationships through Linkedin.

And the individual should not stop only when the number of people on his own network increases without paying attention to the status of his contacts such as e-mail, contact number and his website if available, given the presence of 30 million companies on LinkedIn, which enables companies to reach individuals in a way Fast

In addition to the importance of the individual also communicating with companies via in Mail, which one study confirmed as the fastest and most effective in reaching companies compared to regular e-mail.

Build your LinkedIn profile professionally:
– Where the LinkedIn profile must include a picture, due to the high number of views over 21 times the number of views for profiles that do not contain a picture
In addition to the importance of your file to include an overview that includes your most important practical experiences, in addition to adding your skills and the most important training courses you received earlier, and the most important projects that you implemented, in addition to having a number of recommendations about the individual’s various experiences and skills

We find when an individual markets himself by preparing content, expanding his network of relationships and building his profile professionally, he will be able to reach potential customers, or potential job, through Linkedin.

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